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The Clare Lock Collection

An Inspiration To Collectors And A Tribute To Tony Clare

by Mike Fincher & Brian Morland

40 A4 pages, spiral bound - £8 + P&P

The Chatwood Story

by Tony Clare

43 A4 pages, spiral bound - £10 + P&P

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Our Mission
There are several aspects about locks and keys that make the topic both worthwhile and fascinating. In fact I make no apologies for repeating Sir George Hayter’s opening words in his centenary book 'The House Of Chubb' of 1918, he says – “Locks and keys have had a strange fascination for many people through long ages”. I would go on and add that the key is one object that links virtually everybody on the planet and has done so for many hundreds of years.

There are for instance the technical and artistic skills in working metal found in the pre-industrial revolution locks or there are the ingenious mechanical arrangements of Patent & Propriety locks which explore locking principals. But that’s only part of the story. The need for man to create ever sophisticated locks says a lot about the natural instincts of humans, to say nothing about the ritualistic act of ‘locking up’ that must be enacted every time we leave our possessions unattended.

For many years artefacts have been collected, preserved and sometimes restored. This process continues today where we are always looking for items that help tell the story.

Of course a collection is for sharing hence this 'virtual museum', additionaly displays are held at locations around the UK (see locations and dates) although the ultimate aim would be to establish a permanent home for the collection together with associated research.

Do contact us if we can help you or indeed if you can help us fill some of the missing gaps.

If you would like to know more about the artefacts in the collection you are welcome to ask questions or join in with the discussions on the History of Locks Forum.
Simply email requesting a password.
We are keen to extend the artefacts in the collection, don’t hesitate to contact our Curator if you can help in any way.
We especially would like to hear from you if you, or your ancestors, were involved with locks and keys.

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