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 Milner Safe Locks 

Milner Safe Locks
Milners First Lock
Milner's 'Nettlefolds' Patent

The Milner Nettlefold lock was one of the early locks made by Aubin and his fellow workers at Milners as an interim solution to Milners problem created by their break with Hobbs & Co who had supplied all their safe locks from 1852 - 1872. The lock has the so called "Nettlefolds Patent anti-pressure device" which was perfected by Aubin.

Serial No. 122089 which dates it to c. 1872. Size: 92 x 90 x 20mm. 7 lever
Morlands Collection
Early locks used by Milners
Milners First Lock
Milner's IDB Type A
Milner's IDB Type B
Milner's IDB Type C
Milner's IDB Type D
Milner's Tripple Gated
Dual Control Locks
Milner Specials

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