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A. C. Hobbs
A Man of Genius
Mike Fincher

Hobbs Gallery
Hobbs Safe Plates & Escutcheons

A Collectors Guide To
A.C. Hobbs - A Man of Genius

Mike Fincher

120 A4 size pages, spiral bound between LeatherGrain effect boards.There are 77 illustrations, 49 in colour.

The colour pictures are printed on 120gsm paper with chroma inks for long lasting colour fastness.

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Tom Watson"I have looked through this work with great interest. I can fully appreciate that the preparation of the book must have entailed a great deal of research, time and dedication. I feel sure it is only the great knowledge that Mike Fincher has of this subject that enabled him to produce such a very valuable and interesting study."
Tom Watson.

Lynn Collins"What a great book, a true labor of love. I know that it will bring me many hours of enjoyment. I have only had time to give it a quick look, The mailman just brought it a hour ago. I just wanted to let you know it was here and I'm so happy with it. Long after you (and I ) are gone collectors for years to come will remember you thru this book.
Well Done Mike."

Lynn Collins
Tony Beck“This new book provides a valuable contribution to our knowledge of Alfred Hobbs. Any person interested in lock collecting will come across his name at some time and a ready reference is available in these 120 pages to find who he was, what he did and when events occurred. Everything is well set out in the book for that, as well as providing a good read for any newcomer to collecting or the more experienced.

It is an important work, as very little is published about the inventive skills and manufacturing abilities of lock and safe makers operating in Britain from the time that Robert Barron dramatically changed the industry in 1778 by creating "tumblers".

Now a gap is filled by this book providing a detailed account of the life and activities of Hobbs. The detail too is excellent and it seems evident that a great deal of time and effort was spent in research. The many colour illustrated photographs throughout the pages, including those of previously unseen locks also add to our knowledge and provide an extremely useful reference feature.

Its an excellent well readable and informative work, at a realistic price.

Hobbs displayed an outstanding personality when coming from America to Britain in 1851, and when returning to his native country left a remarkable legacy. So this book is an obvious choice of a character that should demand interest from readers in the United Kingdom or abroad.”

Tony Beck
(Publisher of The Lock Collector & Secretary of the Lock Collectors Association).

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