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 Hobbs Change Key Locks 

Early Hobbs safe name plate nicely decorated.
more Hobbs safe name plates.

Hobbs manipulating a lock. His selling technique was to publicly demonstrate the weaknesses of his competitors locks.

Hobbs Bankers Change Key Locks (BCK)

Parautoptic key 6 lever Parautoptic lock Parautoptic key

Day & Newall's 6 Lever Parautoptic Bank Lock
This version was imported prior to the Hobbs manufactured units. Its of the original design before the protector patent and the spring loaded wiper was added.

Lock: case size 203mm wide x 159mm high. 6 lever. Key: 102mm.

Hobbs Parautoptic Lock Hobbs 6 lever Parautoptic lock Hobbs 6 lever Parautoptic key

Hobbs 6 Lever Parautoptic Bank Lock.
Note that false notches have been done away with and a anti-pressure device added as well as a spring loaded wiper to defeat Linus Yale Jr.'s method of reading lever bellies.

Lock: case size: 203mm wide x 158mm high. 6 lever. Serial number 600 also dated 1863. Key: 135mm

The Parautoptic Lock

Alfred C Hobbs came to England in 1851 as the representative of Day & Newall, the American company that manufactured the Parautoptic bank lock.

Hobbs quickly gained a reputation of picking his competitors locks. He formed his own company and started to sell, and later manufacture, locks capitalising on his new but enviable reputation.

Initially the company was known as Hobbsí Patent American Lock Company. In 1852 the name changed to Hobbs & Co and then in 1855 to Hobbs Ashley & Co. The final name change occurred in 1860 to Hobbs Hart & Co.
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