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 Enoch Jones Locks 

Schematic of the 1921 patent and illustrating the wedge bolt feature of the padlock. View / download the complete specification
Railway Padlocks

open 1921 padlockclosed 1921 padlock

The 1921 Patent Railway Padlock

Case Size: 83mm.

Enoch Jones & Sons

Founded in Victorian times by John Enoch Jones who specialised in Padlock manufacturer. Many inventive features are found in Jones' padlocks as witnessed in a number of patents between 1895 and 1932.

Padlocks were produced for governments, corporates and utilities. Clients included names such as the 'General Post Office' (GPO), 'London, Midland & Scottish Railway' (LMS) and 'Ferrocarril Central Argentina'(FCCA) the state owned railway company of Argentina.

In 1921 an improvement to the Linley railway padlock was patented (British Patent No. 192882-21) which suggests that the railway markets of South America was still an important part of their business.

Another Jones patent, 188588-22, feature is shown HERE.
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