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 Chatwood Locks 

Chatwood Safe Nameplates
Chatwood's First Locks
Chatwood ChatwoodChatwood 8 lever safe lock Chatwood Safe lock, interior view
Size: 77mm x 113mm. 8 lever.Serial Number: 23357. c. 1874

Size: 59mm x 113mm. 8 lever. Serial Number: 59488. Marked: Chatwoods Patent "Invincible" Bolton. c. 1882

Chatwood's 12 Lever Lock
Chatwood Invincible, 12 lever lock Chatwood Invincible, 12 lever lock interior Chatwood Invincible, 12 lever lock, detail
Chatwoods Invincible patent lock, 12 lever double bitted key. This example with a detachable key bit and stem to suit a 4" door.
Serial number 16021, c.1920. 12 lever. Case size: 120mm x 140mm.

Chatwood's Change Key Lock
Chatwoods Change key lock.

Chatwood & Dawes

Chatwood Patent Safe & Lock Company


The Chatwood Safe Company was established in 1861 by Samual Chatwood, at the age of 28, together with a partner William Dawes who was a civil/Mechanical engineer. The company was known as Chatwood & Dawes at that time. The partnership didnt last long, Dawes left in 1862 joining George Price of Wolverhampton.
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