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 Aubin's Nettlefold Period
1855 - 1877 

Aubin's Lock Trophy exhibited at 'The Great Exhibition' of 1851. more...

Aubin's Balance-Detector lock, invented before 1851.

Griffiths was just one of many safemakers to use Aubin's lock
Nettlefold Patent A1 Guardian
Aubin's Nettlefold A1 Guardian lock Aubin's Nettlefold A1 Guardian lock-interior view Nettlefolds Patent A1 Guardian anti pressure detail

Aubin was a very clever and talented locksmith working from the end of the Georgian period through to the mid-Victorian period.

He had a very high sence of pride in his workmanship, which amongst other factors eventually led to the failure of the company. However Aubinís influence on the lock trade is considerable and can still be seen in products today.

The reliability of springing could be considered essential as far as locking devices are concerned. Aubin was noted as having perfecting the technique of integral lever springs, which had hitherto been of both steel and separate construction. It was to be much later technologies that allowed for reliable steel springing.
Nettlefold Patent A1 Guardian Safe Lock
Size: 79mm x 63mm. 5 lever.

An additional feature incorporated in the ĎA1í locks was the dead or zero lift lever.
Large Nettlefold A1 Guardian lock - Rim Deadlock interior. The keys are distinguished by one very deep lever cut in the key bit.

Until all levers were aligned any attempt at withdrawing the bolt would cause the anti-pressure device to come into play. One additional feature that Aubin incorporated in his 'A1' locks was a dead lift lever. Any attempt at manipulating the lock would almost certainly lift this lever and allowing the anti-pressure device to come into play.
Aubin's Nettlefold A1 Guardian Rim Deadlock
Typicaly used on stout oak or iron doors.
Case Size: 177mm x 128mm x 30mm. 5 lever.

 Nettlefold A1 Guardian Improved lever lock. Nettlefold A1 Guardian Improved lever lock - interior. To counter the growing 'explosives' threat Aubin surrounded the keyhole with a block of brass thereby limiting the amount of gunpowder that could be introduced.
Aubin's Nettlefold A1 Guardian Improved lever lock
Incorporating end gated levers and gunpowderproof qualities.
Case Size: 75mm x 106mm x 28mm. 6 lever.

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